Affordable Studio, Awesome Classes and Amazing Instructors!
Red-Yoga is local and intimate with an everybody knows your name vibe!

About the Red-Yoga Studio: 
Red-Yoga is a non-competitive environment. Our yoga is performed in a small studio heated to a safe 97-102 degrees, with 40% humidity. Classes are led by qualified instructors specifically trained in each individual style. Locally owned and operated, we are not scripted and we are not a franchise. Most classes run approximately 60 minutes. We have mats, towels, and water available for use as a courtesy at no extra charge.

Red-Yoga teaches many types of Hatha Yoga:

Vinyasa Flow
Power Flow
Intense Flow
Yoga Tone
Core Yoga
Beginning Yoga
Yoga With Weights
Arm Balances
Hip Openers
Mat Pilates
Yoga for Athletes 
Restorative Yoga
Gentle Yoga
Meditation Yoga
Partner Yoga